A focused and effective executive search service for Thailand's competitive economy.

Executive Search Service

Pro Search works from the requirement of clients in searching for qualified candidates.

Why Pro Search

We make you more productive as a result of the very efficient use of your time in attracting, engaging, and retaining the right talent for your organization through our well-honed pre-screening process. We bring to your attention only those candidates who are most qualified to meet your needs, functionally and organization culturally.

Who do we deliver

The candidates we present to you are those whose qualifications have been lifted from a plethora of potentially well qualified candidates, and matched specifically to your brief to us.

In our initial assessment discussion with you, we will, together, establish a job description based upon your needs, taking into account your corporate culture, structure, management style, and work environment. At the same time, together, we will prepare a profile of the ideal candidate who should be able to deliver the objectives you have set out to achieve.

We will …
  1. search and select locally and internationally qualified candidates from our extensive network and database
  2. approach and interview all candidates discreetly
  3. establish an in depth profile and cultural compatibility assessment to confirm a true candidate profile/function match
  4. ensure that the candidate understands and is enthused about your organization and the new career challenges that it offers
  5. assist in the negotiation process to ensure proper understanding of best practices and industry standards
  6. support the transition process, providing guidance as your new talent adapts to your organization

All our discussions, negotiations, and information provided to us to complete our assignment are strictly confidential to you and our staff involved directly in each specific assignment.

Bottom line

Your success is our success, as we partner with you to help you find the perfect talents for you.